Kait is helping support the overall work of the third How We Will forum and is really excited for everyone to come together. She’s helping to design the Threefold System Building Card Game that will be played during the forum, and will be supporting moderation and flow of the game play. On the last day, she’ll offer support in how we create actionable next steps to go back to our local communities and organize around what we’ve learned and created during our time at the forum, making a real and energized threefold step in the direction of future!

bio photo 1 - Kait Ziegler

Kait is an activist, organizer, artist, facilitator, and co-worker in Elderberries Threefold Community, which creates threefold cafes, Urban First Aid, How We Will forums, Moral Mondays LA, and social spaces for change. She helped co-found Moral Mondays LA, and is a National Social Justice Organizer with the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. In her free time, she likes systems thinking, finding all of the vegan ice cream in LA with her partner, studying Theory U, designing social and economic prototypes, ordering lots of Economics books and writing to-do lists to read them, and teaches a Governance and Activism course at YIP in Sweden with Gerald Hafner.

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