Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I have enjoyed the diverse, geography and topography of this place. I also love the diversity of cultures and industries. We also have a rich network of spiritual communities that have reminded me of my being. For that I am appreciative! I have lived and worked in various, Los Angeles and Inland Empire communities. Theaforementioned spiritual communities has supported me in working steadfastly in developing institutions, designing initiatives, co-creating healthy environments and providing resources for youth, mentors and elders to be able to see themselves and others through, education, collaboration and movement. When we see ourselves as contributors to their own lives, their families structure, the society, the earth and the cosmos we are empowered.  

I am inspired by the dynamic energy that fills our cells, lives throughout our bodies and extends out into the world and the cosmos. I live to encourage people to engage with this energy and the Spirit of Movement so we can be inspired to consciously align with our inner selves. Participating in this activity gives us the opportunity to co-create with this cosmic energy, and create an empathetic vibration for our selves, the other, society, the earth and the cosmos. What we think, feel, say and do impacts all of these realms.

Three questions could support the inspiring of the formation of curative communities. What curative practices do you engage with to support your “community of self”? What does a curative community feel like? What relationships can support the forming of curative communities?  

Systemic Development, Wellness Systems, Education and Mentorship can serve as practices to support the forming of curative communities. These practices formulate and express the importance of building valuable and sustainable relationships with one’s self, the other, society, the earth and the cosmos. Let’s engage as powerful hu-mans and design a healthy future!

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