“Whether I can help, I know not; an individual helps not, but he who combines himself with many at the proper hour. We will postpone the evil, and keep hoping. Hold thy circle fast”~ the old man with the lamp

As students of spiritual science we learn that Rudolf Steiner said that the whole of Anthroposophy is contained in miniature form in a story-gift that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe bequeathed to us in 1794: The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily. What does this mean? How are we to understand these pictures-in-miniature and their relevance to striving human beings now in 2020? Reading with this question in my heart, the story began to reveal connections to basic practices in anthroposophy- what are often referred to ask the Six Basic Exercises. There are linguistic clues throughout the tale point to connections- can the rowdy being of light, referred to as the Will O’Wisps, teach us anything about controlling our scattered thinking? Can we find the pictures in the fairy tale that will instruct us in taming our will, finding equanimity, fostering positivity, open-mindedness and harmony? Let’s try together! Join us for a folk reading of this magical tale and experience for yourself how many voices reading and speaking aloud, in common purpose, might have healing benefits that move far beyond the realm that is visible to our physical eyes.

Angela Foster grew up in Texas and is now embracing life in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an artist, teacher and mom of two daughters, currently homeschooling sixth grade. She has been an active student of anthroposophy since 2008. As a conscious practitioner of “beginner’s mind”, Angela has completed programs in foundation studies in Anthroposophy numerous times and is currently enrolled in Foundation Studies in Goethean Science through the Nature Institute. She and her husband manage the Anthroposophical Resource Center (ARC) an initiative in Decatur, Georgia that offers space for community events and serves as a little house for Anthroposophia.

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