In 1924 Rudolf Steiner spoke of an ‘unbreakable agreement’ where he and the students would return within 80 years as something new had to be implanted into earth for its future evolution. The aristoteleans and the platonists would now find a way to work together in the world at this turning point in time. 

If we look to see what is dying and what is becoming, what is uniting and yet seeking to divide, we see an even greater need for an emergent healthy social organism that initiates a regenerative threefolding of our societal forms in the economic, cultural and political/rights realms with the essence of the human being at the center. 

Frank Alepha Agrama is an artist, woodworker, musician, community activist, Youth Section organizer and co founder of Elderberries’ Have Seeds House, How We Will Forum, Urban First Aid- Art As Medicine and Elderberries Biodynamic Outpost in Chicago. 

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