Patrice Maynard, MEd., is Director of Publications and Development for theResearch Institute for Waldorf Education. She was a Leader in the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America for nine years prior to her current position and
was class and music teacher at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in upstate New York for thirteen years. In 1984 she was among the founders of the Maine Coast Waldorf School in Freeport, Maine. She lives with her husband, David in Harlemville, New York, and is proud mother of three Waldorf graduates. She is a published poet, a new grandmother, a writer and an occasional quilter.

Prototyping ALIANT Alliance – Americas Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy  

Three levels of prototyping will be:Medical FreedomEducation ChoiceAgriculture RightsEconomics

Other initiative discussions will be: 

Allianz ELIANT, founded by  Dr. Michaela Gloeckler  in Europe, supports human dignity and freedom in three areas of social, cultural and political discussions taking place at the legislative level.

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