“Melody Brink will share her experience in the Moria refugee camp, working with stART International- a German-based organization which brings pedagogues and therapists into settings that have been hit either by man-made or natural disasters, to support the affected children and adults with emergency aid.”

Melody Brink is a storyteller, singer, puppeteer and social artist. After studying painting and puppetry at Free Columbia in upstate New York, Melody went on to study the art of storytelling at the International School of Storytelling in the UK in 2012. She since became an intern at the school and obtained a Masters in Social Sculpture from Oxford Brookes University. Melody has created and performed puppet shows in Belgium and the UK. She performs and teaches storytelling workshops internationally and her recent performances include Goethe’s ‘The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily’ and ‘Parcival’, co-performed with her partner Ianthe Lauwaert. Melody is a collaborator with stART International, and recently traveled with them to Lesvos, Greece. There, she brought songs, puppetry and crafts to bring a little bit of warmth, joy and safe holding to the camp, while working closely colleagues there. Currently Melody lives at Peredur Centre for the Arts in the UK. Bee work, spinning and good long walks are what fill Melody’s spare time!

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