Economic Brotherhood

Economic Brotherhood – When the rich young man asked Jesus what he should do to be His disciple, Jesus said ‘give up everything you have and follow me.’ He didn’t say ‘give what you can, be generous, think or talk about it’, He said ‘give up everything you have and follow me.’ And the young rich man ‘went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.’ It is the mind and heart of brotherhood, whose essence is Love, that must motivate our conscious free choice to give. This is the Christ Impulse. What does it look like to live life ‘without the existence of security’ and ‘deep trust in the ever present help of the spiritual worlds’ as spoken of by Rudolf Steiner? 
Is it oppositional to the Christ Impulse to ‘save money, hoard money, pool money, invest money, returns on investment, interest: is this going all the way? Doug Reed, who inspired this conversation and this writing out of a deep interest in what a real Christian economy would look like in the world, has long striven to follow the example of Christ Jesus in ‘going all the way,’ and he’s always ready to talk with those interested in the exploration of an Economic Brotherhood.