Here are some aspects of my biography that relate to the forum:

Initiated the Carrville Community Garden project at the Toronto Waldorf School land in 2002 that grew to 65 members, ran for 10 years until the land was sold. The main aspect of the research for me was the application of Rudolf Steiner’s indications on 3-folding and economics. Many challenging aspects of this work came to life by application of Steiner’s indications. It became clear that the indications were a profoundly comprehensive way to address the many injustices and inadequacies of our current economics. A true healing of our World Social Organism is possible in profound, but doable way.

I took up the role of Treasurer for the Canadian Anthroposophical Society From 2009 to 2015. I gained hands-on experience of the living 3-folded prototype of the General Anthroposophical Society initiated at the Christmas Conference in 2023.

I took up life research toward fully understanding Rudolf Steiner’s indications as they apply to the world today and the social aspects or the transformation of the Industrial world.

I recently took up a current project with BD farmers in Santa Cruz (Blossoms Farm) to initiate Local Threefolding in a way that includes a new local and at the same time global currency and social economics based upon the indications of Rudolf Steiner. This initiative is being unfolded so that it can be expanded beyond its Anthroposophical foundations and to other localities, linked globally through currency and associations. I serve on the Branch in Santa Cruz to further connect to the members there.

I took up the role of collegium member of the Michael School, Social Sciences Section in North America. I am also a member of the Economic Conference of the Goetheanum. I have connected to many members and actively write for the newsletter on various topics. I also stand for the North American collegium of all the sections and representatives from Canada and the US.

I am retiring from my 40-year career working in the industrial economy for many, multinational corporations to focus on the above initiatives including the transformation of the industrial economy.