The Youth Section’s Questions of Courage: HEARTH seeks to raise $8,245 to support
their 10 day gathering including joining
Becoming the Spirit of Detroit!

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24 Donations, Gifts & Grants:
$9,597 of $17,842 raised for Questions of Courage: HEARTH
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Thank You to all who are making this forum happen!

Our Co-Organizers are fundraising a remaining $11,000 to ensure the success and accessibility of the forum.
Any gifts beyond the Youth Section’s needs will go towards these Joint Forum needs. World Social Initiative Forum WSIF has prepared a pdf below documenting the collaborative goals and interdependent budgets for Detroit this summer.

These roses represent the US Local Team’s fundraising efforts, “With each grand we raise, will a rose grow in its place”

We are working together to raise the funds:
WSIF has raised 6,250 CHF
& HWW US team 17,000 USD

Free Columbia

Camphill Village

Anthroposophical Branch of Atlanta

The MaaViva Institute of Interconnectedness

The Birwood House

Anthroposophical Society of America