Hannah Schwartz formed and cofounded Heartbeet Lifesharing in 2000. She served as the community’s executive director, drawing on her lifelong experience with social therapy and her commitment to bringing the lifesharing philosophy to community-based care for adults with developmental disabilities in Vermont. Hannah dedicated over twenty years to Heartbeet and Camphill. While continually supporting all aspects of Heartbeet’s growth and development, Hannah was able to pursue a Masters in Special Education at Antioch New England, graduating in 2016.

In 2020, Hannah felt called to leave Heartbeet Lifesharing to deepen and expand her understanding of diversity, equity, justice and inclusion through the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Vermont. She went to school full time and worked full time in a clinic supporting those living with addiction, gaining experience as a clinical counselor. Hannah has dedicated her working life to learning and embodying alternative, diverse systems of care. She is a social researcher, innovator, and leader in cutting edge thinking who encourages and allows all of us to be more human together.