Day 5 and our Visit to Sweet Water Foundation

Rudolf Steiner’s tireless advocating for a threefolded society continues to have meaning in today’s time. It is a radical structural imagination that we find more than necessary as the days and hours unfold in the United States and in countries around the world. Putting the real needs of the human beings at the center of the economic questions for a brotherly/sisterly economy and how they unfold in the political/rights realms while at the same time empowering freedom in the social/cultural/spiritual sphere was at the center point of his activities after World War I. As the war ended we find him engaging very diverse communities of people: like a true Michaelite, his cosmopolitan spirit found him speaking before large and diverse groups, human beings who understood a change had to come. He knew no boundaries nor time limits in trying to shake the hold that the economic and political leaders of his time had on the present and also the future of our humanity.

Steiner shared in 1921: ‘We must all see to it that the will forces for our movement come forward!’ Those in the wrong have the will for it; why should those in the right be unable to bring forward the same powers? Why should we allow it to be justly said, ‘An intention existed to bring about something healing for humanity; but the enemies were of a different stripe – they had decisive wills that drove them forward until those intentions were extinguished’….My dear friends, if we do not stand our ground until our will forces too, are extinguished, then it goes without saying that we will be able to accomplish nothing for the present.’

How We Will: 3Folding our Cultural Revolution is continuing its journey of transforming our ideals into action. The theme this year is Forming Curative Communities: actively uniting with one another in the emerging economic, political/rights and social/cultural/spiritual forms seeking to reshape the ills plaguing humanity into a healthy social organism for our time. Please join us if you’d like to hear from, and collaborate with those on the front lines inspired out of the fruits of Rudolf Steiner’s work: can your own hopes for the world find a way to connect with others striving to do the good as our friend Bernard Lievegoed was wont to say? Our own hero Ella Baker shares: ‘we must not stop until we can get people to recognize that they themselves have to make the struggle for freedom and human dignity everyday, in the year, every year, until they win it.’

Michaela Gloeckler of the Medical Section in Dornach and cofounder of Allianz ELIANT brings the Archetypal Picture of Ita Wegman and the Young Doctors and their courageous movement for a Michaelic renewal of civilization as a World War II raged all around them. Bart Eddy of Brightmoor Makers and Sunbridge will speak to what it takes to initiate our ideals into action that are inspired by the our higher natures and our wish to serve others in our time. His ‘brought down to earth visioning’, is serving the youth in one of the poorest parts in Detroit where entrepreneurs for the good are in training, not only learning to support their own livelihoods but also empowering change in their communities where devastating health and environmental issues abound: his inspired ideas for our time keep unfolding new forms for these youth! Kait Ziegler of the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, and Repairers of the Breach, working with Reverends William Barber and Liz Theoharis, and a small beyond dedicated team, will share on this ‘turning inside out’ and what it takes to organize for social change along side of four pillars: Racism, Poverty, Ecological Devastation and the War/Prison Economy which requires a new narrative above all and a capacity to work with those who have very divergent views in the activist community. John Bloom of Rudolf Steiner Finance and General Secretary of the Anthropsophical Society will offer a conversation Toward Justice and Freedom and Capital, Money, Spirit and Matter. Nicanor Perlas, a long time advocate for social change in the Philippines and youth mentor, will shape a conversation around ‘The Future will be what we Fight For’. His country continues to be on lockdown where they are not allowed to go outside their houses even for food and whose president recently said that he ‘would work with the military to distribute the vaccine’. Laura Summer of Free Columbia, an art and education initiative in Philmont New York, will present on New Forms Around Art – Art Dispersal and Local Grants to increase diversity in diverse communities. Art Accessible to 100% of the People! Naim Edwards, Seneca Gonzalez, Melody Brink, Kristin Buckbee, Akil Bell , Hazel Archer-Ginsberg, Monika Pudelko, Joan Jaeckel, Patrice Maynard,

Dottie Zold and Frank Agrama of the Elderberries community and newly formed Circles for a Renewal of Culture non profit, will invite an open conversation as to how it is that the Steiner students here in our country and around the world can be good advocates for emergent healing forms, where the essence of what is human is at the center of our concerns. This threefold social form has yet to be realized and yet we see all around us new forms coming into being. What do the Steiner students have to contribute to the conversation of human rights in these three realms and do we have the will to unite together for the common good of humanity? Can we organize for the future needs out of the fruits of Rudolf Steiner’s work in the world? Do we have the will for this? If so can we make a beginning at organizing and shaping our actions now?