Capital, Money, Spirit and Matter

How can we begin to recognize that we are all part of capital? Our economic task is to make it real in the material world such that is serves initiative and destiny, and the wellbeing of community. Money and capital have different and to some degree complementary functions at the intersection of spirit and matter. We will do some capital mapping and explore what Permaculture calls the 8 Forms of Capital.

Toward Justice Through Freedom

How do we understand freedom from a spiritual perspective. Based in self-knowledge, how do we move in social spaces in way that recognizes each other’s freedom as a necessary condition for a just world that works for everyone. We will participate into threefolding as a framework for connecting self and world through cultural, economic, and political lenses.

John Bloom is Vice President, Organizational Culture at RSF Social Finance in San Francisco ( As part of his work at RSF he has been developing and facilitating conversations and programs that address the intersection of money and spirit in personal and social transformation. He writes frequently for RSF’s Reimagine Money blog and has fostered collaborative dialogues on the challenging social aspects money. As part of his work he has helped develop awareness of issues of land and biodynamic agriculture across the US. He was appointed as General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America in October 2016. He has written two books, The Genius of Money, and Inhabiting Interdependence, both published by SteinerBooks. He lives in San Francisco.