Threefold Organizing for Social Change

Experiences from the Front Lines – Diversity, Inclusion, Turning Inside Out


Kait is an activist, organizer, artist and facilitator. She is a community member of Elderberries Threefold Community, which has created cafes, a community art space called Urban First Aid, How We Will forums, Moral Mondays LA, and other healing, social spaces for change. Kait is a National Social Justice Organizer with the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. She also helped co-found Mutual Aid Los Angeles, which is utilizing direct support, community organizing, and community redistribution of wealth to the LA community most impacted by the covid19 pandemic. In her free time, she likes systems thinking, finding all of the vegan ice cream in LA with her partner, studying Theory U, designing social and economic prototypes, ordering lots of Economics books and writing to-do lists to read them, and teaches a Governance and Activism course at YIP in Sweden with Gerald Hafner.