Kathy Serafin:

For 21 years, Kathy Serafin has served the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach initiative and is currently the APO Program Director. Her work includes a variety of duties that ultimately work to bring the healing light of anthroposophy into prisons nationwide. In addition to overseeing the APO lending library, Kathy administers the self-awakening EduCareDo Correspondence Course for incarcerated individuals, recruits mentors for prisoner support and continuing studies, produces a 12-page newsletter twice annually called Illuminating Anthroposophy, and coordinates the program’s art and poetry events called Enter Light: Voices from Prison. These events are held around the United States to showcase prisoners’ artwork, bringing their voices and creations to life outside prison walls. Prior to overseeing APO, Kathy maintained a business in visual arts production for over 10 years. She is active in the anthroposophical community and finds inspiration in the stories and experiences of prisoners who find themselves anew on this journey, and who are willing to share their healing, their creativity, and their humanity with us.