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ART DISPERSAL August 27 – 30, 2020

Over the past 9 years Free Columbia has run 15 ART DISPERSALS dispersing over 700 works of art to people without set prices.

As part of the How We Will Forum we are going to do it again !

As a society we have placed original visual art outside of the financial means of the majority of people. At the same time we have impoverished most of our artists. At Free Columbia we are trying to turn this situation around. This means that you can become the steward of a painting. That means that you can live with the painting for as long as you like, you can pass it along to someone else who wants it and, if you no longer want to keep it, you can return it to the artist who created it. Then, if you want to support this work you can make a donation to support the artists and Free Columbia.
Let us see what happens when we ask people to support the conditions for creativity instead of purchasing artwork.


I am a visual artist. I learn by painting and drawing. It is for me not a means of
producing a product but a means of investigation and understanding. Over the 29 years
that I have been painting I have investigated many things related to anthroposophy and
spiritual practice. The Calendar of the Soul, The 12 Moods, the exercises from How to
Know Higher Worlds, Occult Science and The Philosophy of Freedom all by Rudolf
Steiner have occupied me as a painter, as well as themes such as “What is
Collaboration?”, “the Development of Morality”, “Transformation through Turmoil” and
“Creativity and Devotion”. I am currently co-director with Nathaniel Williams of Free
Columbia, an initiative dedicated to the cultivation of art, aesthetic education,
contemplative inquiry, and action research in a spirit of independence and accessibility.
I am also currently involved with a long term collaborative work on life, initiation and
death with Finnish video artist Sampsa Pirtola, called the “Lazarus Project”.

To see the world through careful attention and then to follow this world inside to
perceive the subtle movements, relationships and songs is the work of the spiritual
researcher. To do this and then to bring these perceptions forth again through my
instrument is the work of the painter.

I am also committed to the de-commodification of art. My paintings are available
through a form called Art Dispersal where people become “stewards” of art and through
a form called Enliven the Walls where institutions can use paintings to enliven their