Forming Curative Communities


Monika Pudelko was born in Hannover Germany, studied and worked as a waldorfteacher and did later the Eurythmy training in Dornach.

During that time she developed more and more the idea to create an intentional community, where the needs of a healthy economical life are met and arts and education are present. As well as a harmonious life with nature through modern off grid technologies and the organic architecture impulse.

Sekem has been an inspiration and example for many years and still is after a visit in 2018.

Monika moved to Canada in 2012 to step by step build on her dream. After teaching Eurythmy classes at different waldorf schools in Canada she moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

She offered eurythmy and waldorfeducation to the local community which came with challenges but gave also lots of freedom and the potential for new creations rooted in the background and experiences of spiritual science.

Together with a small group of interested people she founded the coop Myriadvillage in 2015 in rural Manitoba, in the heart of the american continent, where she is living ,building and creating now.