The ‘Morning Sunlight Earth Healing’ ceremony will begin after sunrise on four acres of unscathed land that was saved from developers and is under the stewardship of Susann and Bart Eddy while awaiting the next phase of community inspiration. From there, we will ascend, like the rising sun, to two locations in Brightmoor. One of these is the fallow garden at Detroit Community Schools whose Nature Spirits need revitalization and the other is on nine vacant lots in process of renewal that are managed by the Sunbridge International Collaborative and located directly across from the Brightmoor Maker Space building. 

We will pay homage to the indigenous peoples who prepared the land for us, and we will ask these ancestors permission to rework and restore the natural vitality to the place and space. 

This event will be led by Dan McManus, a biodynamic farmer in upstate New York who will lead us on the task of reimagining the Sacred Landscapes birthed by his mentor Johannes Matthiessen; Robert Karp, a geomancer and the former executive director of the Biodynamic Association of NA; Mary Adams, star lore historian and story teller; Reverend Larry Simmons from Baber Memorial AME and executive director of the Brightmoor Alliance and Bart Eddy who will give us the ‘history of place’ and its relationship to the Morning Sunlight Earth Healing Sanctuary and Ceremony. 

imagination for the sunlight