Edible Landscapes

Edible Landscapes are places where food can be grown and shared with all those who visit. These food scapes can be used to transform people’s relationship with food and nature, from a commodity that is consumed to a common resource that can be accessed freely. In Detroit, I am planting an edible landscape at the Michigan State University – Detroit Partnership for Food, Learning, and Innovation. The landscape will create opportunities for education, connection, food security, and income generation. We will teach people how to manage the landscape and harvest the fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Once harvested, a portion can preserved through freezing, canning, and dehydrating as well as making value added products. Harvests and products can be shared, donated, and sold. The landscape will also support biodiversity by creating habitat for birds, insects, mammals and more. The landscape will also sequester carbon and reduce stormwater runoff.


Naim Edwards is the Director of the MSU-Detroit Partnership for Food, Learning, and Innovation, one of the nation’s first urban agriculture research sites. He is blessed to have travelled the world and experience life outside the U.S., which along with his faith, informs how he lives life. Naim strives to live simply, love his neighbor, and heal the damage humans have and continue to cause. He is originally from Harribsurg, PA, and holds degrees from Morehouse College and the University of Michigan.