Your Town is UP

How We Will Forum will take place again this year, from August 30 – September 3, 2018 in Chicago!

In Los Angeles last year, we offered our 2017 inaugural forum, which co-created great inspiration with Nicanor Perlas, Orland Bishop, Gerald Hafner and many others. This year in Chicago, growing forth from the seeds we planted at last year’s How We Will, we will move down closer to Mother Earth and focus on community organizing and activism, sharing peer-to-peer initiative experience and hopes for the future ~ social 3folding meets world.

Take a look at our 2018 Contributors to see who you will be co-creating with in Chicago!



Why we are inviting you to our 2nd How We Will Forum

Frank Agrama and Dottie Zold, of the Elderberries Threefold Café and Have Seeds House community, have a sense that a Threefold Commonwealth can take place structurally in the United States in one of two cities in Los Angeles in the next few years. We’ve invited John Bloom of Rudolf Steiner Finance and Nathaniel Williams of the Free Columbia and the ThinkOutWord movement to engage our deeper understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Commonwealth and the working relationships between the Economic/Kinship, Political/Equal Rights and the Cultural/Freedom realms. Kait Ziegler and Destiny Nolen, lead organizers in California’s Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, co-founded by Reverend Dr. William Barber and Reverend Dr. Liz Theoharis after the Poor People’s March initiated by Dr. King in December of 1967, will lead us on an exploration of the questions that are living very strongly and openly in the youth of today who are looking for a more just, sustainable, diverse and humane world. Our co-workers, Waldorf students, and teachers stood on the Front Lines for over six weeks of Nonviolent Moral Fusion Direct Action, and were arrested in solidarity with the Poor People’s Campaign to stand against the Four Pillars: Systemic Racism, Poverty, Ecological Devastation, and the War Economy. We have invited friends from all over the country and the world who are working in the fields of Agriculture, Medicine, Technology insights, New Economic Forms, Art and Education, to see how and where our core values intersect, and if we can imagine how a threefold commonwealth structural form can come into being in today’s time. And we invite YOU to bring your voice, questions and experiences, so we can have a large, diverse, representative community sharing their thoughts with the whole.

Rudolf Steiner spoke very clearly at the end of WWI of the need to disentangle the old political parties and the economic realm. In 1919, he shared that we were standing at the grave of civilization if a new structure was not brought forth that moved past communism, socialism and exploitative capitalism, where the political parties ignored the needs of the workers in favor of business owners and the privileged class. He also shared that a new impulse would be needed at the beginning of the 21st Century for the future of human and earthly evolution. We see an echo of his words in the work and strivings of Reverend Dr. William Barber who speaks of a need to move past political polarization, saying “It’s not about Left versus Right but right versus wrong! We, as brothers and sisters, need to come to know our deepest moral values as human beings”. And in fact, “We must become the moral defibrillators of our time!” The work of both Steiner and Barber agree on many things and most definitely this: We are that new impulse!

Moving from study, conversation, prototyping, biography work, presentations, initiative panels and artivism, Theory U will be the skill set structure we move through: deep listening, suspending our judgments, fears and cynicism. Creating a space for others to be safe and to be free allows for something new to come forth that will be our building blocks towards a Beloved Community of Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Will. This will be the way to our new humanity, which of course we ourselves must be the image.
The Rudolf Steiner Chicago Branch will be our host for the weekend and our friends Carolyn Arnett, Gordon Edwards and Ann Burfeind, will deepen our understanding of the city, the people, and the history of Chicago. Brian Gray, of Rudolf Steiner College, will join us as we dedicate Elderberries 3Fold Chicago Café to Willi Sucher and his work with the starry worlds. Register today, and we cannot wait to co-create with you in Chicago!