If you are looking for tickets for Sunday Night’s show, click here

While we prefer friends to attend the full 4day Forum, partial attendance is also welcome.
We ask that you register below, and consider contributing what feels right and possible. Thank You!

Forum Cost: $420
includes 300 for Forum and $120 for meals.

In efforts to support new economic forms for the future, our collaborators Free Columbia offer this sliding scale breakdown, as an aspect of their own working process.

To make all of this possible for everyone we also have a forum fundraiser to raise the funds for accessibility.

Questions of Courage: HEARTH – Cost: $890
Our Youth Section Gathering Questions of Courage: HEARTH has higher actual costs due to its longer length (10 days, July 18-28).

It is a priority for us to make this event accessible to young people, regardless of finances! We are asking a contribution of $0-$500+, and we hope that young folks contribute what they are able.

For reference, here is the true cost of the 10-day event per person:
Food: $150
Lodging: $400
How We Will Conference: ~$300
Transportation and other costs: $40
Total: $890

Sliding Scale Guide

$300-420  Consider paying near the full amount ($300-420) if you have access to financial security.  Such as any of the following – you own property, have savings, have investments, have retirement accounts, inheritance, are able to travel recreationally without creating financial strain, have access to family money and resources, work part time by choice, or choose not to work. If you have the resources you may also add an additional amount to help those who cannot pay the full price.

$150-300  Consider paying somewhere in the middle ($150-300) if imagining paying the full price deters you from attending, but you know you are not in need of a significant reduction in cost.  You may fall in this category if you have access to steady income and are not struggling to make all your regular payments each month. 

$10-150  Consider paying near the lowest suggested amount ($10-150) if your circumstances prevent you from accessing services due to financial hardship.  If you struggle to meet some of your basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, or child care, you very likely belong on this end of the payment scale. 

If the lowest suggested amount still feels like too much of an obstacle, but you want to come, please register above and write us howwewill@gmail.com

We are committed to making this conference accessible to everyone.

Thank You!
email questions to howwewill@gmail.com

email questions to howwewill@howwewill