Biography Workshop: EconomicSocialRights

Herbalism + Activism


Seneca Gonzalez (they/them she/her) lives in the occupied Green Mountains of Northern Vermont, belonging to Abenaki Nation. It is here that they commune with the plants, practice their Biography work and support social activism. They also live in and steward the land and community that is Heartbeet Lifesharing. Seneca is a graduate of the Biography program in North America and currently the programs apprentice. Seneca is also a graduate of Sacred Journey School of herbalism, they have been a community herbalist for 20 yrs. And currently are stewarding Heartbeet’s budding apothecary and medicinal plant gardens, recently becoming the communities street medic. Seneca is deeply interested in Radical Vulnerability and recognizes the privilege that is afforded to them because of the color of their skin.