Here are the recordings from the gathering!

Day 1: Thursday, From Beyond

Light Recaps:
The first day of How We Will was huge:Here are the Streaming Links to the content that has already uploaded to the cloud.Click here for a link to the opening,If you missed Stan Padilla’s setting of the New Fire, it begins at the 1 hour mark,after Joan Jaeckel and Rosemary McMullen ring the bells of action in welcoming us, and Truus gets us moving a special infinity.  Truus’s Eurythmy offering can also be found here.

Click here for Naim Edward’s Edible Landscapes. Naim Shared some beautiful and hopeful creative pictures for new imaginations around food and growing thriving local relationships!  Tropical Inspirations

Click here for Dottie Zold and Joan Jaeckel on the Threefold Activism 1919-1921 as well as Kait Ziegler’s offering on the Poor People’s Campaign, the Nature of Systemic Issues amidst Our Own Communities, and Building a New Narrative + Mutual Aid Networks! Thank you Kait for inviting us across lines of division,  Joan for standing for new conversations with new thinkers, and Dottie for inviting us onto Steiner’s shoulders, advocating for Threefold past our own comfort since the sessions of 1919, when we began this.  Everyone takes it on together, in beginning to step deeper into our work as a community.  Thank you

Rest of the day “light recap”:
     After this righteous dive, Akil Bell washed us with wellness as a renewed place to meet one another from, Monika Pudelko shook the Earth with the founding and living questions of Myriad Ecovillage, and Angela Foster and the Green Snake Players took us deep into the dream dance, reading us just across the Rainbow Bridge of Goethe’s Fairy Tale, tune in tomorrow night for the resolution of these morphing heroes.  Thank you!

Akil Bell’s: WILLING MOVEMENT, Three questions could support the inspiring of the formation of curative communities.

Monika Pudelko’s pioneering work at Myriad Village,
creating self reliant sustainability for our future and Angela Foster and the Green Snake and
the Beautiful Lilly Fairy Tale Readers Night 1

Day 2: Friday, From Within

“We got all the love,all that we need,
(lyrics from Melody’s opening song)

     Thank you everybody for a steady stream
of practical, experiential, expansive, grounding,
embracing, emboldening, humbling, and amazing.

A Sense for Community:
     We are gelling as an organism, I am experiencing it through the emerging tech-support I am receiving all around me, a friend turns a volume knob here, another hops over to the laptop to leta friend in from the waiting room while I am away, one tilts the camera, and the many lovely whispers warmly in my ear “Did you press record?”  Thank you as the angels waft us somewhat on track, moving as a ship, lifting up like the nevermore buried Temple in Goethe’s Fairy Tale. 
     Let’s continue to turn up the heat and the spirit, dig into our tasks, and deepen the space within us for that which we need to awaken to and transform for a more living collaboration.

Video recordings from Day 2! What beautiful life-earned stories in progress.
Morning Eurythmy with Nana Woo, Singing with Melody, Hearing from Marcus, and Stan Padilla’s “Young Flame”  Stan begins at 38:00
Nana helps us embody our ideals!  Strike a pose!  Melody brings our voices into harmony, Marcus invites us to consider how to support one another in vulnerable times, and Stan grows the new spark’s into a young flame, asking us to consider how identities placed upon us can’t hold a candle to our true identity, though they may try.

Michaela Glockler’s Sharing of Archetypal Pictures of Ita Wegman Michaela walks us gracefully through Ita Wegman’s journey, led byher own open-willingness gently guides her moment after moment, unfolding destiny…how does one come to their task in the world?What is our task right now?

Bart Eddy’s Rocking Hearts for Detroit:Individual Pathway of Work Bart radiates steady, methodical heart-based carpentry, as social altar,for redeeming our inner lives and re-dreaming our inner cities.

Melody Brink’s stART international traumapedagogy Lesbos — On the Front Lines        PART 1 Melody shares practical tools and heart striking imaginations, striving to nourish refugee children in transition, with a pouch full of spirit.
Melody Brink’s stART international traumapedagogy Lesbos — On the Front Lines         PART 2

John Bloom: Toward Justice Through Freedom    PART 1

John takes us on a crash course through awe-striking indications,towards building up our own living sense for the labyrinth which is the other and ourselves, How to find Justice as a living virtue, somewhere between Heaven and Earth, with just a humble compass.

John Bloom: Toward Justice Through Freedom    PART 2

Daniel Collett: Seeds   and
Kim Sherobbi: Creating and Practicing –
A New Culture In My Detroit Neighborhood Daniel is living the migration of love becoming a tree, and Kim is walking us right into the Open-Source guide to gently growing a resilient, awareness weaving garden of support.

Completion of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
by Angela Foster with friends and family
The storytellers bring us all the way with this stunning fairytale which is as nourishing as it is bizarre and wonderful.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful approach into sharing a dream.

Day 3: Saturday, Weaving

What in the world was that today?!
What a range of experiences breaking through in all directions, from Happy Birthday Bart, to hunkering down in the bunker as a toothpick radio signal catches Nicanor shining in the urgency for a new and courageous world, act now.  Hear “what’s going on?”  Heal the cities, see the vast abundance around us, for economic possibility, human destiny and a picture of love’s learning to become human.  Thank you all.

video links from Day 3
Nana Woo’s Eurythmy for the Gestures of Each Day, Melody Brink Leading Singing, Stan Padilla grows the flame…Grandmother Fire
Grandmother fire, at 1200 degrees we begin transforming silver

Laura Summer: Quick Intro to Art Dispersal“We have to start free-cultural initiatives, to bring in Threefold”

Michaela Gloeckler: ELIANT – Applied Sciences of Anthroposophy: A Seat at the Legislative Table for Human Dignity and Freedom Humans are incomplete, we have the freedom to complete ourselves, and our societies are just the same, how can we stand for wholeness today with a larger voice.

Christine Burke speaks, For the Love of Coffee and Community: Caffrodite Community Collective. Telling her coffee house creation story, growing in Ventura, California.

Bart Eddy: Vision into Action: Embracing the Soul of the City Marcus’ assistant shares how to embrace a city’s soul in creative healing collaborations worldwide between the youth, after development of the individual, we are going back into the community.

John Bloom: Capital, Money, Spirit and Matter Find the abundance all around you, in everything besides money itself, a mere measurement for all other forms of capital.

Patrice Maynard: Prototyping ALIANT Alliance Cosmic pictures of learning to love as human beings.

Melody and Linda’s telling of The Birdhunters of Anthropocenia, written by Nathaniel Williams and freshly performed until just a few days ago, Melody Brink and Linda Michaels bring imaginations to life with very little more than their very human souls.

Tell us if there is a content piece you are seeking that we have yet to reshare! education,
how we will

Day 4: Sunday, Reaching Out


Well, it seemed like today was going to just dance its way off to the stars, at least that was my plan.  Then I discovered the internet was down, and  we soon realized the phones were down too!  Chuck calls the company, a local blackout on all telephone and internet! HA!  We scramble, climb, throw phones around, drive off to link up, Dottie ends up walking by Marcus, drying off from the shower, “Hey Marcuss, do you have wifi?”…   How We Will continues to amaze us all, and invite us deeper into relationship

This first video is a bit of a jumble full, you’ll have to wade through it,within it, you will find:
a Warm Welcome with Truus and the How We Will Survivors!
Lucien Dante-Lazar’s A Passage for the Soul some transition time Melody Brink leading Singing Gopi Krishna’s Practical Threefolding Experience Laura Summer’s Art Dispersal and Why Free Culture, plus some Airplane Artists, Joseph and Frank

The second video is Doug Reed and Dottie Zold: Economy of Brotherhood, a personal and streaming vision of experiences, Doug asks, “How can we treat the needs of others just as if they are our own?”  “Why do we not do this?”  Joan writes from the chat, “Otherhood”…Video opens with musical blessings of Shanti!

Thirdly, Hazel Archer-Ginsberg: The New Isis Myth, Sophia tells her own story as a spiritual being moving alongside with humanity through the ups and downs, into the present efforts sparked to become free and redeemed in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner as Anthroposophia.

Lastly, we have a Closing of the Sacred Fire: Stan Padilla and Robbie Solway, who invite us to consider the natural turning to ash which becomes our new foundation to walk from.  Stan passes the grandfather fire to his new friend Robbie, who invites us into creative processes of reflection for our journeys onward.  Thank you!